Frequently Asked Questions


Is a consultation recommended/required?

A consultation is highly recommended. Typical places to meet might be a coffee shop, juice bar or bookstore – you know, the usual casual places. Some of the items we will cover are what your will wear, what style of images you want, how will you want to use or display the images, etc. It will be very helpful for both of us to talk about several things to help achieve the best possible images and review the workflow from start to finish, as well as complete the necessary paperwork.  This will go a long way to help us deliver a quality end product of lasting value to you and your family.

What should I wear?

In terms of portraits:

  • Long sleeves are better than short sleeves. A viewer tends to see from edge to edge of exposed skin. We want your face and eyes to be the focus of attention, not your arms.
  • A v-neck or high neckline is preferred. Visually, a wide neckline tends to add weight.
  • Clothing should be subtle, both in relationship to the background and so as to distract from your face. Conspicuous patterns are distracting.
  • Solid colors are preferred. Darker jewel tones are often ideal. Again, we want the face to be the lightest area. Black can work, and can be visually thinning. With black, it is also easier to potentially do a little more nip and tuck in Photoshop. White is acceptable in some circumstances. More often than not, white or light pastel attire is reserved for “high key” images.
  • Sometimes specific clothing is intentional. Maybe we are trying to capture a regional or cultural context, such as an Indian siri, or maybe a specific lifestyle or activity such as karate or ballet.
  • Often the best images involve harmony between the color of the clothing and the background.
  • Hats can work well. However, usually they are best saved for extra shots near the end of the session.

Is retouching included?

Retouching is absolutely included for all purchased images. Retouching is an important part of professional portrait photography. For one thing, the human eye is much more discerning, and able to separate shadow from highlight, than any camera. Retouching is necessary to make an image out of the camera more like what the eye sees. For another thing, it is an unabashed part of the professional photography workflow. And besides, who doesn’t want to have a few blemishes, temporary or otherwise, cleaned up for posterity?! To be clear, proofs may be retouched very little if at all, but final images are retouched.

What about hair and makeup?

The use of a hair and and makeup  artist is preferred. Good image creation is a combination of many elements. A list of hair and makeup artists can be provided.

How will I select my images?

  • For studio sessions, the images are recorded into a laptop. We are able to see them in real time. Usually there is enough time to make most of the selections on site.
  • For location sessions, the images are recorded into the camera, then placed into an online gallery for proofing. A set number of your favorite images are selected for retouching. Even better, we can meet to go over the images together to make final selections.

How will I order my images?

Images are ordered using an online gallery.The online gallery facilitates both print orders and digital downloads.